We are undoubtedly entering the “age of design” and much has already been written on this topic. At this point, most business owners would agree that it’s a competitive advantage to have a public facing brand, products and marketing material that is distinctive and professional.

So you’re thinking of upgrading some aspect of your marketing effort. When deciding whether or not to move forward, your first instinct may be to examine the projected results of the finished product. Some of these short-term, ROI related questions might be:

  • will the new, more professional looking “X” increase conversion?
  • will the new functionality reduced costs?
  • will the new “X” address our business/brand issues?

All valid questions but the hidden value of the design process lies in the process itself. A thorough design process will uncover opportunitiesĀ and discover hidden potential. A good process creates the “white space” of opportunity for growth and change.

During the course of this process, you’ll be asked about the goals of the project which should include initiatives related to your brand and customers. The examination of these areas are things that may note happen within your day to day operations. They are opportunities. Make time to discuss these things internally and make the most of the process.

In the end, you’ll have more that just a shiny new “X”. You’ll hopefully have a new way of looking at what you do and the way you do it.