Imagine you’re watching television and a commercial comes on. You have to wait for it to end so you can continue watching your favorite show. Or, you’re reading your favorite magazine. You occasionally have to skip past full page ads. These are examples of what’s sometimes referred to in marketing as┬áthe interruption model.

This model continues to be used off-line and sometimes on-line, but in an increasingly on-demand world, any notion of control marketers once thought they had here is fading. It’s easy to imagine why the old marketing approaches are failing to monetize new media. In our offline world, if we could skip a tv commercial with a click or scroll quickly past the outdoor advertising that clutters our view, we most certainly would. On the internet, we can.

“Online, anything that stands between us and the content we are trying to access
is unwelcome and ignored.”

The answer is to become the content people are consuming. This means that brands have to offer some kind of value to potential customers. That value can be knowledge, commentary, entertainment or anything that creates a connection with the viewer. It’s not an interruption, it’s interesting… and by the way, it’s for sale over here. People are now seeking you out and paying attention. The new strategy is to spend smarter by appealing to a smaller group of more receptive prospects instead of interrupting a general audience of distracted consumers.

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