One of the most significant issues faced by tech companies is the demand to add new features to their apps. At some point, their original mission can become lost as the app is trying to be too many things to too many people. The experience of using the app may begin to seem unfocussed because it has drifted away from the original core experience.

Marketing websites

Marketing websites have come along way, but even after years of evolution, the majority suffer from the same issue. Although often, the core experience was never defined. So, most these sites appear to be a collection of information with no relationship or strategy behind them. So how can marketers cultivate a core experience within a marketing site? Start by defining the funnel.

Marketing FunnelBy default, the top of the funnel will be the home page and the bottom may be a lead generation form or a checkout page. The middle of the funnel will be the core experience or the page of the website where conversion is most likely to happen. On an eCommerce site, this is easier to define and is usually any product detail page. On a marketing website, this might be a services page or a page that’s tailored to address a particular audience.

The core experience of every site should be crafted to do three things well. Created a sense of:

  1. aspiration or affiliation
  2. need
  3. and urgency.

Cultivating these states of connection takes a special understanding of your audience and their pain points.

Provide strong messaging and clear calls to action to provide a clear path to conversion. When this page of the site is optimized, it’s time to move on to crafting the other pages of the site.

User-centered design and content

Throwing up a list of product features wont cut it. Products usually have many types of users. Study the needs of every audience group. Give them a reason to believe that your product will help them improve and get through their day.

“Put a human at the center of EVERY value proposition.”

Uses cases, relevant demos or any content that relates empathy and a user’s point of view can help to create that connection.

Prospects may not always enter your site at the homepage.

Inbound traffic to your website from search engines or other links may direct a user to an interior page such as your company page (About Us). Use any opportunity through promos with prominent calls to action to link back into the core experience.