Ever been inspired by a bullet list or motivated by static text on a web page? If your answer is “no”, then maybe it’s time to start thinking outside of the content box and start thinking about using video to deliver your message.

Bandwidth is leveling the playing field for web content delivery and many new options have become available. With these new options, come new questions: What type of content delivery will motivate my customers? Will they be open to new forms of communication? Although there are many options to weigh, a great solution is web video.

Web video is currently moving toward the leading edge of web marketing because the technology for delivery has improved. Video can deliver more information in a shorter amount of time while being more entertaining.


There are many ways you can use web video. Whether you’re creating a video tour, product demo or campaign, it’s important to start with a strong concept. With video, ideas tend to grow bigger than budgets but with the right mix of custom and stock footage, even a video project with a modest budget can have a professional feel.

  • Concept – Nothing is more critical to the success of a video project than a strong concept. This means picking one specific topic and explaining that topic in a clear and relevant manner. Ultimately, the goal is to help the user to truly understand what you are trying to get across.
  • The need for creative marketing – “Features and benefits” marketing is great for Power Point bullet lists but a poor choice for video. Marketers need to opt for more creative approaches when using video.
  • Specialization – Video has been living in its own creative world. Web developers usually lack video production experience. Find an agency with both skill sets.

Development Tips

Once you have your Cleo-winning concept, utilizing storyboards will help your team to visualize the various shots that will be required to create your video. Each frame of the board should represent a shot and can be illustrated or contain actual video stills. A video may incorporate custom footage, stock footage, still images, a “talking head” or a combination of all of these.

Additionally, your audio track can make or break your video. You may want to use a bed of custom music or clip music with integrated voice overs. It’s best to use professional voice over talent whenever possible, as they are professionally trained and will deliver a high quality product.

Best Practices

If you are creating a video campaign, then it will likely appear on your web site’s home page. If the video is a product demo or a video tour, it may appear on a product page or other interior pages. Wherever your movie appears, there are a few best practices to follow.

First, always host the video on a video server using streaming delivery. This will provide the best performance and generally protect your content from being downloaded. Second, each video piece should only be offered on request and never start playing automatically. Lastly, when creating a campaign video, you should provide a “call to action” with a link or button as part of the presentation. The goal of the video is to motivate the user to access more information about your products and/or services.

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t give up so easily. With the help of the right partner, you could be on your way to a cost-effective approach to web video.

For more information or to kick off your own video project, contact us.