Ok. Another tech tip for your email program. Why not? It’s the application you use the most. Sorry PCs, these plug-ins are for Mac Mail only.

Back when I made the switch from Entourage to Mail, there were a few things I missed. One was the way Entourage could list your work areas in columns so you could take advantage of the full width of the screen. Welcome to Wide Mail. Wide Mail moves the viewing pane from the bottom to the side and creates a column to the right for your inbox.

The other nice thing about Entourage was the little mail preview window that pops up when you have incoming mail. This keeps your curiosity from getting the best of you when you hear the incoming mail sound and you break your work flow to discover that someone has updated their Linked In profile. Welcome to Growl. Growl is a notification system for the Mac that allows applications to sent notifications to the finder. Growl Mail sends a preview that pops up briefly, letting you know the sender and subject of the email that just came in. Is it something you care about or something you couldn’t care less about? Now you know.