By now, I’m sure that Google+ has attracted your attention but committing resources to yet another social media channel is a hard sell. Even though it’s just getting it’s legs, it may still be worth establishing a presence there now.  Keep in mind that Google never releases products that are shiny, polished and ready for prime time. They rely on early adopters to test their products and provide feedback. As it continues to evolve, Google + will get better and with feedback from marketers like you, it will become and ever more powerful marketing platform.  Here are some of the most obvious advantages over Facebook that you can take advantage of today:


Of course it’s Google so it’s going to be indexed by Google. For marketers, that alone should be enough for you to start moving your stuff – an obvious improvement over Facebook.

Circles = Segments

Segmentation is key in marketing. “Circles” provides that functionality. You can share something with only certain circles. For example, if you have Circle called “Prospects”, you could send them a “New Customer Only” deal without upsetting current customers.

Update: Facebook is now testing Friend filters and Smart lists to compete with Google+. These features should be available shortly. For more, check out this article on HubSpot.

One-Way Relationships

Unlike Facebook, Google+ allows you to broadcast to contacts who have joined your page even if you are not a member of their page. This type of relationship is more like Twitter.

Get Your Stuff Back

Google calls it Data Liberation which means you can download your stuff whenever you like and even delete your account (amazingly, you can’t completely delete your Facebook account).

And there’s much more coming in terms of more marketing functionality and integration with other Google tools.

Facebook had no way of knowing what it would become. Google has the advantage of building a platform from the ground up with hindsight. In short, Google+ is a more serious and useful marketing tool that you should definitely look into.