Topic: Tech Tips

Five Indispensable WordPress Plug-ins

At Bloom, my former company, WordPress was our CMS of choice. Through some trial and error, we determined that it’s best for the long-term health of your installation (and your sanity) to use as few plug-ins as possible and rely instead on writing your own functions. We’ll be sharing our list of favorite functions soon…. Read More »

Open Office

Fed up with Microsoft or just don’t want to pay for another install of Microsoft Office Suite? Try out Open Office from Oracle. Don’t ask me why this even exists but it does and it works great. And did I mention it’s free. Mac or PC.    

Mac Mail Plug-ins

Ok. Another tech tip for your email program. Why not? It’s the application you use the most. Sorry PCs, these plug-ins are for Mac Mail only.

Organize Your Monday Morning Email

If you’re like me, Monday mornings mean sifting through your inbox, separating actionable work items from Facebook and LinkedIn updates. Most of you probably use Flags for this but there’s a way to take this a step further with Smart Mailboxes.