From 2004-2012 I ran a small design studio with two partners. You can read it’s obituary here. We had our ups and downs but in the end, I regarded any day I wasn’t “working for the man” as a success. In reality though, success is an equal measure of doing what you want and paying your bills.

We ended up all going our separate ways but sometimes I think back and wonder if I had known as much about business concepts as I did about web development, would things have been different? In the end, we were probably in the wrong place at the wrong time (recession cough, cough) but a little more knowledge is always a good thing.

Finally, here’s a great list of things to keep in mind from the Harvard Business Review. Not all are applicable to a small agency but the concepts still apply.

The 17 Fundamental Traits of Organizational Effectiveness


credit: Harvard Business Review
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