Bloom Creative officially closed it’s doors on September 12th, 2012. A journey that started with the simple goal of creating a design-driven agency comes to an end. Like any journey, all the great memories we created together are worth taking a look back at.


CIMG0016.JPGOur first office was in a mixed use office/warehouse building in Southeast Novato. The space was comically large for our two desks but we eventually invested in a small conference table. We went through some  experiments with sales partnerships to try to generate work. We found existing connections to be more fruitful and some of our first jobs included work for The Republic of Tea.

San Anselmo

CIMG0028.JPGThe daily trip up to Novato began to wear on us so we sought out a new office closer to home. We ended up taking a small office in San Anselmo near the “hub”. It was a funky space that had a bathroom with a shower and a small court yard and stream in back (flood insurance would have been a nice idea).

San Rafael

Then came the flood on New Years Day 2005 that killed our fish, plants and a few computers. We dried off, cleaned up and moved to an office space on Lincoln Avenue in San Rafael. Our neighbors, Blue Coast were also in our industry and very awesome people. I ended up joining their company years later.


We moved around a few more times before closing our last office in Sausalito in September of 2012. Although we moved around a lot, what didn’t change was our passion for what we were doing and for what we were trying to build. Many thanks to our partners, friends, wives, clients and everyone who supported us.