Micro sites are self-contained web destinations that are separate from a company’s primary web site and are focused on a particular brand concept, product or service. Each micro site delivers a highly targeted message that can be positioned to highlight a specific segment of your overall market. Visitors to micro sites are not distracted with navigation and information that’s not directly relevant to the reason they are there. Whether your objective is to strengthen your brand, develop a dialog with your audience, or generate leads, micro sites are a valuable part of your overall marketing strategy.

A Powerful Marketing Asset

Micro sites can be the perfect addition to your online marketing mix. Since the theme and/or content of the site is extremely focused, it can serve as a destination or hub for a specific marketing campaign. Users can be guided to the site via online banners, print ads or from a company’s main site. Since these sites are so focused, they can be easier to use and navigate. This can help build customer confidence and ultimately improve conversion rates.

Great SEO Tool

The more focused the content of a site, the easier it is for the search engines to deliver qualified traffic to it. Search engines love unambiguous, niche level content with great relevancy and key word density – it makes their objective of delivering relevant search results easier. Micro sites can each be assigned keyword rich domain names in line with their marketplace positioning. Search engines place weight in the keywords within a website’s URL when serving results for specific keyword queries. Yet, another great way of improving search results.

Branding Opportunities

The look and feel of a micro site can be tailored to appeal directly to a specific target audience. In contrast, one-size-fits-all web sites are broadly designed to appeal to a broader base of users. In addition, rich media can be implemented to deliver a deeper experience where the user can watch/listen to the web presentation with a click on the mouse or they can interact with it as they desire. This means the design of a micro site can be more compelling, maximizing the connection between the site and the audience.

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