Inbound marketing is creating content that brings potential customers to you through search engines and incoming links. Why inbound marketing?

  • it’s free (except for the time it takes you to produce : )
  • it demonstrates expertise in your field (you’re published!)
  • the leads you get through it are “qualified” meaning people already have interest in your services
  • generates a reciprocity effect

You can publish your content on a blog, Facebook or both. Now you’re probably asking: “but what can I write about?” Let’s get to the list:

  1. Do a Top 10 List – I know, but seriously… on the web, content that is practical and broken down into digestible bits will garner more link popularity (sites that link to your site) as well as generate lots of traffic.
  2. Industry News – referred to as curation, this informs your audience about general news happening in your industry. It’s also the easiest content to write and a great place to start.
  3. Sneak Peeks – generate a buzz by publishing a profile of something you’re working on that’s “coming soon”. Don’t be too specific and don’t violate any NDA’s.
  4. Accomplishments – Obviously, your blog gives you a platform for your big announcements. You can also do a blog post that links to a press release to drive additional traffic or republish the release on your site.
  5. Products – Your blog is NOT the place to hawk your wares! You will undermine your own credibility if you go down this road. However, publishing a story about an issue that is solved by your product is a great segue…
  6. Straight up editorial – Read something somewhere about your industry that rubbed you the wrong way? Make your stand! Take a position! Conviction takes courage and potential customers love that (at least the ones you want to work with).
  7. Interviews – Write up some question and do an interview with one of your industry friends or partners. Publish the transcript or even post it as a podcast.
  8. Polls – Raise an issue and then publish a poll. If your blog doesn’t support poll, you can use a third party like Survey Monkey. It’s a great way to get a conversation started and gather valuable feedback.
  9. Read Your Comments – Comments from a previous article can provide subject matter for new articles.
  10. Company News or Events – This is an opportunity to show what a great company you have. Give readers and inside look at how amazing your organization is.

Remember that you’re using this content to start a conversation that will result in a lead so be sure to monitor and address any comments you get. Also, watch for comment spam like:

I love great article. I be back often” –

Harmless enough, but these don’t really add to the conversation so feel free to delete them to make room for those who are serious about your content.